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Summer Program in Toulouse

Innovation for a better future

Program at a glance

Why choose this program?

Icam Toulouse campus organizes a new summer program this year, to enable international students to experience the French pedagogical and cultural dimensions of our Engineering School.

Icam Toulouse Campus will welcome international students for a brand new summer program from June 17 to 30, 2023. Students will experience hands-on cross-cultural exchange opportunities and increase their understanding of themselves and others. Student interaction as well as participation in Icam sponsored events, classes and possibly service learning projects provides opportunities for language-skills enhancement and cross-cultural awareness. It will be an excellent threshold for incoming students to engage in diversity, social justice and global awareness activities.

Toulouse being the home of Airbus, students will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover aeronautics! Toulouse and its region also have a rich history. Incoming students will not only discover the captivating history of Airbus, they will also interact with local students, parents and professors, around deeply embedded cultural practices: food, wine, rugby, to name but a few!


  •  Classes will range from French as a Second Language & Integral Ecology to AI, with a disruptive pedagogical approach, where you will be involved in practical activities and coached by professionals of the given sectors and professors from our research labs.
  • Choosing Icam means facing the realities of a fast-changing world, and questioning one’s own approaches to the daily challenges of sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Choosing Icam is not only choosing academic excellence, it implies being ready to reflect upon how each one of us belongs to this world.
  • Choosing Icam is thus to become full-fledged citizens of the world!

Whom is this program for ?

This program is organized for students with a scientific background, interested in top notch academic and hands-on experiences and willing to live the French way of life in a strong collective experience for 2 weeks , while meeting other cultures.

Program highlights

  •  Icam’s pro-active and inductive pedagogy will immerse you in real life experiences to
    • boost your comprehension of the French culture & environment,
    • foster team building and  reflection upon your own contribution to our fast changing world.
  • While studying, touristic, cultural, industrial and lab visits are scheduled to make the best out of your stay in Toulouse.
  • You will be visiting the Cité de l’espace, the medieval city of Carcassonne, the Cité du vin in Bordeaux, and going to a rugby game.
  • The last weekend may be organized in Paris as an option.


Icam Toulouse Campus


English with French language classes


Program Structure

  Courses hours In addition Hours ECTS Credits
40h Technical Classes-Conference-FabLab
40h 3
20h FFL + Visits 60h 2
  Human development 20h
10h Company Visits 25h 1
Admission and fees
  • Application deadline: April 15th, 2023
  • Admission criteria:
    • Open to university students from around the world in engineering or other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) major, having completed at least 2 years.
    • Personal motivation:
      • Curious
      • Eager to discover French culture and language
      • Motivated to work on a multidisciplinary engineering project in an international context
    • Requirement:
      • Language requirement: The courses are carried out in English. Basic knowledge of French is welcome but not a must. A personal laptop (Mac or PC) is required.
  • Tuition fees (2023)
    • 1,500 € Students from our partner universities, Jesuit institutions and IAJES members
    • 1,900 € Students from non-partner universities.

Included: Administration fees, housing on campus residence and French host families (weekend #2), company visits and scheduled excursions, course materials, lunches on field trip days and final farewell dinner.

The fees do not include: airfare, most meals throughout the stay, personal expenses (activities during free times and on weekends), passport/visa fees, home university fees & costs, mandatory health, repatriation insurance, and 3rd party liability insurance during your stay.

To estimate your monthly living costs in France, please refer to our sample budget.


About company visits : “I really like the sea cleaners because it’s a company that builds boats that will pick up trash in the ocean and use it as renewable energy”.

About activities : “My favorite excursion that we went on was actually a kayaking trip” 

About classes : “I’ve really enjoyed our heat transfer class, as well as material science and digital electronics, as well as our fablab class where we’ve gotten to actually design and make things.” 

“We really get individual attention and time from the professors, which is awesome.”