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Internship opportunities via Icam

Hands-on learning is one of the cornerstones of an Icam education. Interaction and collaboration with the industry is present every step of the way within Icam, either via courses delivered by industry experts, or internships with our industry partners. 

The list below shows the different internships offered at Icam via our different exchange programs. 

Summer Program internship

You will discover a French company for 2 weeks as part of Icam’s 2-month summer program. You will have to quickly adapt to the professional context and fulfill the mission defined by Icam’s partner company. You will have to perform situational analysis and deliver a feedback report. 

See “Summer Program”

“Icam Parcours Ouvert” Internship

Up to 15 months of internships, ensuring extensive exposure to industry and professional experience both in France and abroad.

See “Parcours Ouvert”

Master’s Thesis in Science or Engineering

Icam considers research as a critical part of it’s engineers’ training. As such, for 5 months, students participate in highly experiential and professionalized research, working on practical topics determined by, and interacting with representatives of companies or research laboratories.

See “Master’s Level Thesis Semester”

Final Master Internship

The Final Master Internship is the culmination of Icam’s Master’s in General Engineering program. This 5-month internship is the perfect stepping stone for your international career. It provides an occasion to develop your network, and an opportunity to apply your knowledge to problem-situations defined by Icam’s industry partners.

You will be in charge of a complex project and will be improving and applying your skills as an Icam engineer, acting as an agent of innovation and change, and delivering value to your company.

The engineering internship is offered over two periods: July/August-January, or February-August.

The detailed internship semester is discussed here.

See “Icam’s Master’s in General Engineering for complete details on the 2-year diploma program.

Advanced Master Internship “Eco-Innovation and New Energy Technologies”

This 5-6 month immersion phase takes place between February and August, in France or abroad. You will tackle real needs of your company, responding to ecological issues, and combining analysis and reflection with operational implementation. 

It is the basis of the professional thesis and the culmination of the Advanced Master in Eco-Innovation and New Energy Technologies.