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Icam on the move – 2025 Strategic goals

The latest strategic directions of Icam are guided by the desire to take into account the current ecological issues which manifest through three major crises: an environmental crisis, a social crisis, and a crisis of meaning and hope.

The directions adopted below intend to help respond to these challenges by strengthening the following Icam capabilities: 


1 - Drawing on our rich Jesuit education roots in the face of the challenges of today's world


  • Ignatian pedagogy values an integrative, comprehensive view on social issues. As such, Icam uses integral ecology as a guideline for our institutional decisions and dialogue with our stakeholders.
  • Utilization of practices that promote solutions having an impact in terms of sustainable development and social justice: a capacity for ethical judgment; a potential for hope
  • Co-responsibility with our students for all school activities


2 - Strengthen synergies with the business world
Icam wants to contribute to the societal transition of the economic and technological world by:

  • Promoting research in 3 main areas: Energy, Materials, Societal and technological transition of companies
  • Preparing engineers, entrepreneurs and managers for societal transition by developing capacities for innovation, agility, leadership and adaptation.


3 - Intensify international awareness and cooperation by
  • Encouraging students and faculty to act in international and multicultural programs and projects
  • Promoting the practice of English in all our activities; learning from the different local realities and bringing added value where it is needed
  • Strengthening our research and academic cooperation networks.


4 - Develop social diversity on our campuses
  • Diversity in the recruitment of our students (social, confessional, nationality …)
  • Male/female and generational balance at all levels of the organization
  • By proposing individualized cursus
  • By promoting “collectiveness” by exposing our engineering students to different social realities


5 - Adopt a collective operating mode
  • Promote local initiatives and regulate what is driven by the group
  • Promote integral ecology in our operations
  • Implement an international organization with a limited carbon footprint
  • Ensure parents, alumni of all our campuses (French and international) are part of Icam community


Icam’s annual report 2022

Icam’s annual report encompasses a comprehensive and up-to-date view of Icam’s recent statistics.

Download it here now: