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Lille campus

The Campus

The Lille campus is the historic campus of Icam, founded in 1898 by Camille Féron and Philibert Vrau, with the help of the Society of Jesus.

Icam Lille is a member of the Catholic University of Lille.

Each year, the Lille campus welcomes approximately 800 engineering students, 500 vocational training students and 120 employees.

Student life


Video: Raid Icam, the multisport club

The Lille Campus’ student associations are very diverse (more than 40 associations!) and cover various fields of interest: artistic, sports, musical, recreational… The  Student Council or the Bureau des Etudiants (BDE) supervise the whole body of student associations.

All students are welcome to participate in the associative life of Icam. In addition to bringing students together around a common passion, student associations are also a vehicle for personal and professional development. Organizational and communication skills, as well as teamwork are some of the qualities developed at the heart of associations.

Below is a list of some of the student associations in Icam Lille:

  • The BDE, Bureau Des Etudiants, is a team of 30 people which represents students to the Icam management. The BDE manages the different associations and animates student life at Icam by organizing cultural events as well as festivals and sports events. The BDE is also a platform for bringing new ideas and projects to improve life within Icam.
  • The BDS, Bureau Des Sports is a team of 16 people that brings all sports to life at Icam: rugby, football, hand, volleyball, tennis, badminton basketball but also squash, boxing, fitness, aikido, rowing…  The BDS organizes sports events (T5B, Ovalies, University Cup, Recreation, Interbatch competitions, …). The BDS also ensures the maintenance of Icam’s sports infrastructure.
  • The Icam Junior Enterprise is an association that connects companies to students who can carry out projects in response to concrete business needs.
  • The Raid Icam is an association whose aim is to organize a multi-sport raid and a trail of about fifteen kilometres each year.
  • The Festi is a major event in the student and cultural life of Lille. It is an amateur theater festival, produced by a team of Icam students, involving a dozen directors and a hundred actors.
  • P&F, the Icam radio. The P&F offers a different playlist each week. P&F also features interviews presenting new associations, as well as testimonies from students about their internships and their experiences abroad.
  • Film’Icam takes pictures of Icam events and videos to promote the actions of the school’s various associations. The association also produces fiction videos for short film competitions or simply out of a desire to create.
  • The Low Tech Icam workshop is a community of DIYers of all levels gathered around a workshop fully equipped to carry out the craziest technical and low-tech projects! Low Tech Icam shows that it is possible to solve problems in everyday life using recycled materials. Some simple inventions that they have devised are the following: wind turbines made from HS printers, solar ovens that allow cooking without using a single Kw of electricity, and a machine that can make footballs with plastic waste.

Student Handbook
Practical information
Student housing

Renovated in 2015, the Maison des Icam de Lille (MI) is located on campus, offering real convenience for living and studying to its residents.

The MI offers apartments for 10-13 students, with single rooms of 9m2 per student. Each apartment has a shared common space: kitchen, dining room, and relaxation room. The following is a list of the other facilities available in the MI:

  • a sports and weight training room
  • a sports field
  • workplaces
  • games rooms (table football, billiards, etc.)
  • a projection room
  • a chapel
  • laundry room
  • postal service

Life at the MI is managed by the BDR (Office of Residents). The BDE (Student Council) also offers many clubs and activities: batch and inter-batch events, leisure clubs, pastoral care…

The philosophy of discerning one’s life, which is part of Icam’s identity, is also applied to the life in the residence, both from a personal (living conditions) and student’s point of view (pace of work, possible difficulties). The idea is to facilitate immersion in the MI and provide all the conditions for success.

An advisor is present at the residence to propose activities and provide assistance should difficulties arise.

A night guard, in charge of security, is also present.



Icam is served by 2 regular bus lines: line 12 (Leclerc stop) and the Citadine (Place du Maréchal Leclerc).

There are 3 metro stops less than 10 minutes walk from Icam: Port de Lille, Gambetta and Cormontaigne.

You will find 6 V’Lille stations less than 500 metres from the campus among the 110 stations of the urban community of Lille.

The campus is also equipped with parking spaces for bicycles.