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Life at Icam

Icam offers on its campuses a framework conducive to individual learning and development and personal development.

Joining Icam means joining an extended family

Within the promotion, cohesion is quickly created, thanks in particular to events organized by the BDE (the Student Office) and the BDP (class representatives).

The promotions of engineering training on a human scale – a maximum of a hundred people, divided into two classes for the first two years – contribute to the good atmosphere: we help each other for classes when certain things are not understood.

Collective success

The Maison des Icam (students housings) is a real plus, we can find help either within our promo or with other promotions when we encounter a difficulty.

The quality of life in the school also depends on the relationships with the teachers and the employees of theIcam very quickly, they no longer consider you as students, but also as collaborators.

Teachers are available to answer any questions you may have about a course, exercise or TP and they accompany you to success.

They are also attentive, and come to you when they feel that you are in trouble.

Social mix and collective life

Icam is a community of life and work where a wide variety of audiences meet, learn and live together.

From the CAP, prepared in particular in the Production Schools of Icam to the diploma of engineering, theIcam trains in technical trades.

Students, apprentice engineers, trainees, technicians, young people and adults of all professional and social levels are brought together in joint projects.

The school thus has the will to be a living place of social mix where everyone can enrich himself in contact with others.

Association life

On campus, associative life is rich and helps to feel good in the school.

At least twice a month, the BDE or student associations organize sports or cultural activities, as well as festive events. It’s a great way to meet students from other promotions. Asso rock, 4L Trophy, Robot’Icam, Mécan’ Icam, asso music, humanitarian associations, kitchen asso…

Whether it’s changing your mind during an impromptu concert, tinkering with engines or committing to a cause you care about giving our time, there’s something for everyone!

Sport is not left out: football, rugby, handball, basketball, sailing … it is open to all, and you can also participate in the university championships.

Links between campuses

Last but not least, Icam is not one, but six campuses in France (and also campuses in Africa, India and Brazil), and during the training there are meetings between students from different sites, with sports activities and festive times.