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Master’s Level Professionalization – Spring Semester


Program at a glance

The Master’s Level Professionalization Semester (Spring) – shown in orange below is part of a 4-semester program allowing students to study at Icam for different durations, from 1-4 semesters, depending on their professional and academic goals.

Theory meets practice and industry exposure in this professionalization semester which uses an integrative approach to engineering. The program is designed with, delivered by, and/or directly coached by industry representatives, which ensures an immersion in updated industry practices and realities. Technical training is also supplemented by modules in Industrial Management, Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences, preparing the students to become future decision-makers and leaders. 

Participants do not need to be master’s students to participate in the program. Juniors and above are accepted.

Why choose this program?

  • You will be exposed to industry practices and realities: The courses are taught by experts from specialized companies. Case studies and projects are taken from real technological and industrial problems, with some projects being directly coached by industry representatives.
  • You will get a holistic view of the engineering domains. Technical courses are supplemented by courses in management and humanities.
  • You have the opportunity to acquire both theoretical and applied knowledge and skills in your choice of concentration areas. The selection of concentration areas offered by each Icam campus is based on the specialization of their industry partners in the region.

TIP: Make the most of your time in France and stay for a full year!

Invest a whole year at Icam with the first semester taught in English or French and a second Master’s level professionalization semester in French at one of the 4 possible locations. It will let you truly experience French culture, gain valuable foreign language skills and have access to French companies.


Students may enroll in an academic semester at any of Icam’s campuses in France: Lille, Nantes, Paris-Sénart, or Toulouse. 


A B1 level in French is recommended.

Program Structure

This program ensures a balance between engineering, management and liberal arts courses

A full semester corresponds to a minimum of 30 ECTS. Each student will have three scientific and technical modules (1 concentration + 2 electives), complemented by humanities and management subjects. The concentration module has more project hours and credits compared to the electives.

Each Icam campus’ ECTS distribution and content may slightly vary in accordance to evolving industry trends and input from industry partners.

Scientific & Technical

Concentration area 1

Elective 2

Elective 3

Cross topics









Management, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Organization

Aptitudes for leadership

Industrial strategic analysis





Humanities & Foreign Language

Engineering ethics & corporate responsability

French as a Foreign Language





Decision Making Approach

Life & training project, vocational project

Review of the studies





The workload for the concentration module and electives are further differentiated as follows:

  # of ECTS


# of hours



(# of hours)



(# of hours)


Direct Coaching

(# of hours)

Personal work


(# of hours)

Concentration module


276 hrs 48 48  108  72
Elective 7

184 hrs

36 36  48  64 

Admission and fees
  • Application schedule : September 1 – October 31
  • Important dates: Consult the important dates in the Academic Section of this page.
  • Admission criteria:
    • Open to students currently enrolled in a  scientific or engineering bachelor’s program, from junior-level and above.
    • Personal motivation : Eager to get exposure to the different engineering fields and management practices, interested in entrepreneurial projects, and keen to participate in case studies, hands-on group work, presentations to industry experts
  • Language requirement: A B1 level in French is recommended, but not required. You will be able to follow French courses on-site (FLE – Français Langue Etrangère).
  • Tuition fees:
    • Students from Partner Institutions: Students are bound by the general terms and conditions of registration at their home institution. Student exchange contracts stipulate that students will not pay Icam but will pay tuition and other administrative fees at their home institution. 
    • Students from non-Partner Institutions: N/A – This program is currently open to students coming from partner institutions.

Students are expected to cover their living expenses and travel costs to and from their home country. To help estimate your essential expenditures, please refer to our sample budget. You may benefit from scholarships and grants, details of which are shown in this link.

How to apply

Please refer to the procedures proposed by your internationationalization department or your program advisor. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us below: