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Icam Master’s Degree in General Engineering


Program at a glance

Add an Icam generalist engineer Master’s degree to your professional training!

Participate in Icam’s 2-year dual degree engineering program: get trained in multidisciplinary engineering domains, carry out research and work as an intern at one of our French partner companies (or at a company in your home country).

Why choose this program?

The General Engineering Master’s degree identifies engineers ideal for becoming either independent entrepreneurs or  valuable talent  within a company. 

Candidates with a dual degree in general engineering have increased operational skills. The generalist engineering training develops open-mindedness, adaptability, and critical thinking. These profiles are able to piece different elements of a puzzle together while having a bird’s eye-view of real-life situations. Applicable to complex problems and diverse industries, general engineers can easily adapt to different industries and are able to evolve and redirect their careers to fit the needs of the ever-changing market…

Icam’s Dual Degree Master’s in General Engineering program also fits the following student profiles:

  • You wish to broaden your field of engineering skills;
    • learn how to manage complex projects
    • deepen your understanding of your selected professional field with experts from the industry
    • take on a research project
    • learn how to start a company
  • You wish to experience the exciting project of business creation;
  • You wish to perfect your skills in the framework of a 5-month full-time master’s thesis focused on solving an actual company problem ;
  • You wish to acquire solid experience in a company through a 5-month internship in France or abroad;
  • You wish to culminate your engineering training with an international professional exposure;
  • You are attracted to an in-depth double culture;
  • You wish to benefit from Icam’s decision-making approach to help you define your work and life projects;
  • You wish to speak French fluently.


Program highlights

  • First Icam semester (fall) with 
    • scientific knowledge and skills in the multidisciplinary engineering domain
    • a business creation project
  •  Second semester (spring) with concentration areas to be chosen
  • Third semester (fall) devoted to the Master’s level Thesis
  • Fourth semester (spring) immersed in a company via an internship either in France or your home country



Lille, Grand Paris Sud, Nantes, Toulouse



You can start your Dual Degree program with a semester in English on the Toulouse campus, or in French in any  of Icam’s French campuses. Then you have the possibility to continue your studies in French and move to another site – Lille, Grand Paris Sud or Nantes based on the concentration areas that suit your interests.


Program Structure

Icam’s Master’s in General Engineering is composed of two years: M1 and M2.


Master 1 (M1) – Year 1 Fall Semester – Multidisciplinary Core Courses

The first semester of the first year (M1) starts with technical lessons, lab work and projects on the multidisciplinary engineering areas of study (Mathematics, IT Engineering and Automatic Control, Mechanical and Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering, and Materials Science) and key Management fields (Management, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Organization, and Humanities). This creates the foundation for a generalist and multifaceted engineering approach, giving you the skills to be  able to deal with complex situations and the ability to see the end-to-end picture. 

Given that students entering the general engineering program come from different engineering backgrounds, Icam reviews each application individually. . Where needed, preparatory classes are organized prior to the start of the program to ensure that the students have the required prerequisite skills and knowledge to integrate the engineering programs of their choice.

More information about the detailed content here


Master 1 (M1) – Year 1 Spring Semester – Professionalization and Concentration Courses

The second semester of the first year will use the skills and knowledge acquired during the first semester to make well-informed decisions about how to move forward with your professional and personal aspirations. Depending on your interests, you can choose one of the following professional concentrations: 

      • Aeronautics and Space
      • Agri-Food/Health
      • Building/Civil Engineering
      • Energy
      • Logistics & Transport
      • Innovation, Communicating Internet Technologies

The choice of specialization will determine your Icam campus destination.

More information about the detailed content here


Master 2 (M2) – Year 2 Fall Semester – Scientific/Technical Research or Industrial R&D

This research semester serves as a springboard to your engineering career, as you start experiencing life as a junior consultant in R&D. The full-time research work will not only ask you to come up with solutions to existing industry issues, but will also put you in contact with Icam’s project and research managers as well as laboratory and company representatives who will be following your work. 

More information about the detailed content here


Master 2 (M2) – Year 2 Spring Semester – Engineering Internship

This 24 to 26-week full-time internship culminates your engineering training as you carry out an engineering internship at the heart of one of Icam’s partner companies.

More information about the detailed content here


Admission and fees
  • Application schedule: April 1 – May 30
  • Important dates: Consult the important dates in the Academic Section of this page.
  • Admission criteria:
    • Open to students currently enrolled in a  scientific or engineering bachelor’s program, from junior-level and above coming from Icam’s partner institutions.
    • Personal motivation : Eager to get exposure to the different engineering fields, and management practices, interested in entrepreneurial projects, keen to participate in case studies, hands-on group work, presentations to industry experts.The students admitted into the program will have demonstrated strong personal motivation and commitment  and have shown an interest in experiencing new cultures. 
  • Language requirement: A B1 level in French is recommended, but not required. Your level of French can be assessed by Icam’s international office. You will be able to follow French courses on-site (FLE – Français Langue Etrangère).
  • Tuition fees:

Students are bound by the general terms and conditions of registration at their home institution if an agreement exists between the home institution and Icam. The standard tuition fee for Icam’s Master’s in General Engineering is €9,060 per year.

Other miscellaneous charges also apply:

    • Contribution to campus life: 560€ per year (associations, organized student events by the student government, photocopies/prints and other related expenses)
    • Membership to the Icam Alumni association: 500€, a one-time fee valid for life

Students are expected to cover the cost of their travel to and from the host university and their living expenses. To calculate the cost of living in France, please refer to our sample budget. You may benefit from scholarships and grants, details of which are shown in this link.

TIP: Stipend earned during your 5-month internship may help offset part of your expenses. Internships located in France, are remunerated in accordance with French law. As of December 2020, the minimum legal amount is 546€/month.  However, the average stipend garnered by our Icam students is 1000€/month.


How to apply

The names of the students selected by the sending institution will be communicated to the host institution five months before the beginning of the 1st semester. The sending institution selects from among the candidates those who meet the criteria required by the host institution and who have the necessary qualities and skills to succeed in this program.