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Master’s Level Engineering Internship Semester


The engineering internship semester (Fall or Spring shown in orange below) cannot be followed as a separate module. It is integrated within Icam’s Master’s in General Engineering Program, or may be a part of Double Degree programs with chosen partner universities.


Why choose this program?

The Engineering Internship offers the opportunity for students to harness, test and further develop their engineering abilities in the realistic context of a company. Four key capabilities are developed in the course of the engineering internship*:

  • Ability to contribute to inter-disciplinary projects: As interns, the future engineers design and implement solutions for multi-disciplinary technical issues, integrating scientific and technical knowledge in the fields of Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Energetics, Electrical and Automation Engineering, Informatics, and Industrial Engineering. By adding management of financial, organizational and human resources to the context, aptitude for project management is also developed.


  • Ability for operational management: The future engineers contribute to managing an organization around a product or a service, by drawing up or optimizing production methods, supervising flows and  production, and by managing personnel and tools. This ability develops into aptitude for industrial management.


  • Ability to approach the company comprehensively: As part of a project or a production unit or a service unit, the future engineers deal with various aspects in a company: integrating the company’s strategy; managing finances; defining and implementing an  organization; complying with legal regulations. The interns situate their contribution as engineers among other participants. They provide responsible and ethical proposals and initiatives. These abilities develop into aptitude for corporate management.


  • Interpersonal and managerial aptitude: During the course of their internship, the future engineers are asked to introspect, and at the same time, approach others with basic confidence. Good communication skills and sensitivity towards others are used to mobilize individuals and groups; the interns contribute to the development and the dynamics of the team.


* These competencies are in accordance with the description certified by the French National Council for Professional Certification.


TIP: Make the most of your time in France and stay for 2 years and get an Icam general engineering diploma! Invest a whole year at Icam with the first semester taught in English of French, and a second Master’s level concentration semester at one of the 4 possible locations. Top this off with a second year of R&D and an internship. It will let you truly experience French culture, gain valuable foreign language skills and be exposed to French companies.


Program highlights

  • You spend a minimum of 5 months, full-time, in a company (from August-January or from February-July).
  • You will have clear responsibilities on an entire project or part of a project.
  • You will tackle a problem with significant return on investment for a company.
  • You will have to unfold the large assets of a general engineering scope.
  • You will have a unique opportunity to collect knowledge and analyze social, business and industrial models through the specific context of your company. 
  • You will have to evaluate and analyze your experience according to Icam’s Decision-Making approach.
  • You will be able to gather references for your future professional life.



The 5-month internship can be located in France or another country, depending on your study program.



The language can be a mix of French, English, or the language of the host country, both for oral communication and for written documents and resources.


Program Structure

Preparation (approximately 24hrs of individual work + validation interview)

  • Job Search: Searching and applying for jobs, interviews with the company
  • Internship offer Quality Control:
    • Internship offers are relayed to Icam for quality control and are then forwarded to the student. Validation of the internship offer by the Director of Studies or an authorized Icam personnel. The following criteria are used to assess the offer:
      • context, problem, result, challenge, initiatives, resources, evaluation criteria
      • A large company is favored (>100 personnel) to encourage interactions with other engineers, understanding the organization, identifying the strategy
    • Contract formulation and signature (a tripartite agreement among the company, Icam, and the student).


  • The student is assigned to one or more projects for a period of 5 months, from August-January or from February-July.
  • The assignment is undertaken with an experienced engineer from the company as tutor.
  • An Icam personnel visits the students at their work sites after the 3rd month in order to assess the internship (area, assignment), re-examine issues and redeploy the scope of the internship, if needed.


Review and Evaluation (3-4 days + approximately 24h of individual work + defense (1h))

  • An objective assessment is performed by the tutor before the end of the internship
  • Review session in ICAM (3-4 days) with fellow students:
    • Review the general context of the internship of each student
    • Review and compare the strategies, organizations, modes of management, and  corporate cultures of the different companies
    • Discernment and evaluation of situation and competencies acquired
    • Sharing of personal experiences
  • Written report of  20 to 25 pages : 
    • Analysis of the context of the company especially regarding the following aspects: 
      • activity, product or service, process
      • strategy
      • organization and mode of management
      • culture, values
    • Objective analysis on: Tasks received, approach and results 
    • Personal Discernement:
      • Analysis of the personal role and contribution as a team player in the company 
      • Personal thoughts based on the context of the company and the personal values that arose from this experience ; thoughts on ethics 
      • Elements of self-awareness  
      • Insights on meaning of becoming a professional 
  • Oral defense (1h), with Icam staff members and the company tutor :
    • Presentation summarizing the context and the assignments
    • Discussion on the report of the experience and future project 
    • Feedback on the report 


Missions may focus on production and related services:

  • Organization, extension, construction of a workshop ;
  • Launching of a new manufacture, installation of a new process or new means with ramp-up ;
  • Analysis of the organization of a production line to optimize production (ergonomics, flow analysis…) ;
  • Piloting of a manufacturing transfer from one site to another, sometimes including means production physics ;


Missions can also be transversal, prospective or very upstream:

  • R&D missions, studies of new products ;
  • Missions of global organization of the company, of a site, certification process ;
  • Opportunity study to relocate, sub-contract, reintegrate a manufacturing plant with production of a decision guide for the business manager ;
  • Study and implementation of a Production Master Plan, an Industrial and Commercial Plan 



Company grant

Internships located in France, are remunerated in accordance with French law. As of December 2020, the minimum amount is 546€/month. 

For internships outside France, remuneration depend on local law and the agreement with the host company.


Accommodation and other expenses

Students are expected to cover the cost of their travel to and from the host university and their living expenses. To calculate the cost of living in France, please refer to our sample budget. You may benefit from scholarships and grants, details of which are shown in this link.



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