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About Icam

Icam, engineering schools in France and worldwide

Icam trains cross-disciplinary engineers. The Icam engineer profile seeks to develop versatility alongside a strong investment in industrial sciences, attention to combining theoretical and experimental bases, and exposure and utilization of methods and global tools to understand a company and its environment. 

Founded in 1898 by industrialists from the North of France, Icam currently has 6 campuses in France, 3 in Africa, 1 in India and 1 in Brazil. Its mission: to train competent men and women, players in the business world. 

Icam insists particularly on the work on oneself that operates through the holistic learning of a profession: the studies engage the different dimensions that define a person, using scientific and technical studies as an opportunity for a complete human formation. 

Rooted in the business world, Icam also wants to train entrepreneurs, open to family and social responsibilities and citizenship, who will dare to take initiatives and create wealth and jobs. 

Icam also wants to train men and women who are curious about the world, concerned for the common good, united in collective and common quest and research. In today’s world, connecting people takes on an international dimension. Opening up to foreign countries is a professional imperative and remains more than ever an issue for human training. Icam considers that meeting men and women from other cultures is an opportunity and an invitation to dialogue.