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Courses or projects in partnership with companies

Master’s Level Business Creation Project

This project may be executed in the framework of an agreement with a company.

Delivered as part of Icam’s Master’s Level Academic Semester – Fall, the module “Projet Création d’entreprise” or Business Creation Project introduces important business, operations, and R&D concepts in the framework of a business creation project. 

You will explore and develop your business ideas, and at the same time, learn and apply the main corporate functions (Marketing, Commerce, Finance & Accounting, Legal, Production & Operations). The following are your key deliverables:

  • Carry out a market research, segment a market and formulate a positioning, establish a marketing mix;
  • Create a business plan: Put together a projected balance-sheet, estimated income statement and provisional budgets; 
  • Justify the economic model: Study and make organizational, logistic and operational/production decisions based on technical, legal, and economic constraints
  • Convince a group of investors about the relevance of the project

The module may also require participation in a business simulation game or competition.

See: “Master’s level academic semester – Fall Semester”

Master’s Thesis of Engineering Semester

Icam offers you the opportunity to carry out a 5-month Industrial R&D project with a French company. You will develop a complete Research & Innovation approach to design the solution to a real industrial problem. 

Icam’s Services to Businesses department will be providing the methodological, technical and coaching expertise necessary to help you develop your solutions and train you for your regular interactions with the company representatives. 

See: “Master Thesis of Engineering”

Master’s Thesis of Science Semester

You will experience academic research by working for 5 months with one of Icam’s research laboratory partners. You will acquire real and applied expertise in a scientific field while mastering a rigorous scientific approach.

During this period, you may discern and prepare a future as a Researcher: The Master’s Thesis of Science is a springboard to the PhD.

See: “Master Thesis of Science”