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International Innovation Engineering and Entrepreneurship Network (I2E2)

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What is the I2E2 Network?

The I2E2 Network is an association of Higher Education institutions aiming to promote innovation projects to students in a multicultural context. I2E2 stands for International Innovation, Engineering & Entrepreneurship and this is translated into concrete, international, hands-on projects for engineering students.
Students from different institutions conduct a project together during one semester and present their results at a Symposium by the end of the term. Despite their different cultural backgrounds, the international groups form one multicultural team.

More than innovation

Innovation sparks skills. By promoting innovation in higher education, students develop knowledge and skills in order to solve problems and fulfill the needs of a fast-paced society. The connection between people’s needs and innovation comes to light in the companies where the student-engineers are going to work. Companies value engineers who possess different kinds of competencies, including soft skills and interpersonal skills. Creativity and assertiveness, for example, are well known to be key driving abilities for being innovative.

The Symposium

The I2E2 project presentations take place at an annual Symposium. It is organized in one of the partner institutions. The 2023 edition of the I2E2 Symposium took place in Barcelona at the EUSS Catalunya on February 3rd. Twelve projects in innovation were submitted to a strict jury, selecting the most creative and innovative ideas. This year, a total prize of 1000€ was given to the students.

During this event, students from the participating universities present the results of their projects. Every group provides a paper, a poster, and a presentation.  These documents aim to offer a detailed description on how the research for innovation was carried out, why their invention can be seen as innovative and which business plan is required to launch the product in the market.

If you are curious about the previous editions, check them here:

2023-2024 Edition

This edition took place at the Hellenic Mediterranean University (Ελληνικό Μεσογειακό Πανεπιστήμιο) in Heraklion. The HMU introduced the first BIP (Blended Intensive Programme) mobility for the Network. It allowed students and professors a full week of exchange by proposing different workshops and lectures before the Symposium. These activities reinforced the intercultural aspect of the teams with practical sessions in the technological trend analysis, patent research, intercultural awareness, and communication and much more.

2024-2025 Edition

Next edition will be in Vienna at FH Technikum Wien. The Network will consolidate the ERASMUS cooperation by consolidating a Blended Intensive Programme between the participating institutions. The ERASMUS program is a guarantee for students and professors to participate in an international activity promoting green travel and European values. More information will be given soon.

Partner Universities and contacts


Leandro Di Domenico | Leandro.didomenico@icam.fr

Icam – Strasbourg-Europe Campus, France


Founder and consultant

Hay Geraedts | hgm.geraedts@fontys.nl

Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven – The Netherlands



·       Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven – The Netherlands
Joris Glaser |  j.glaser@fontys.nl

·   Fachhochschule ULM, Ulm – Germany
Robert Watty | Robert.Watty@thu.de

·   EUSS Barcelona, Barcelona – Spain
Ignasi Florense | iflorensa@euss.es

·   Technikum Wien, Vienna – Austria
Maximilian Lackner |  lacknerm@technikum-wien.at

·   Heilbronn University, Heilbronn – Germany
Susanne Hetterich | susanne.hetterich@hs-heilbronn.de

·   Hellenic Mediterranean University, Heraklion – Greece
Konstantinos Karampidis | karampidis@hmu.gr

· ESPRIT,  Tunis – Tunisia
Salah BOUSBIA | salah.bousbia@esprit.tn

· Icam – Strasbourg-Europe Campus, Strasbourg – France
Guillaume Coudreuse | guillaume.coudreuse@icam.fr

· Icam – Toulouse Campus, Toulouse – France
Jesús VILLALOBOS | jesus.villalobos@icam.fr