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Nantes campus

The Campus

Icam Nantes is one of the main engineering schools in the West France region with 100 engineering graduates per year. The Icam Nantes campus welcomes 500 students every year.





About Nantes : 

Nantes is a great place for foreign students. This video will allow you to discover all the assets of Nantes.


Student life

All students are welcome to participate in the associative life of Icam.

In addition to bringing students together around a common passion, student associations are also a vehicle for personal and professional development. Teamwork, and organizational and communication skills are some of the qualities developed at the heart of associations.

Below is a list of some of the student associations in Icam Nantes:

  • Student Council or Bureau des Etudiants (BDE): The BDE manages the different student associations. The BDE also animates student life at Icam by organizing sports and cultural events, as well as festivals. The BDE is also a platform for bringing new ideas and projects to improve life within Icam.
  • Bureau des Sports (BDS): The BDS represents the sports associations of the school and takes care of FNSU activities. Slots are offered for the following sports every week: Badminton, Rugby, Futsal, Handball, Foot, Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis.
  • Fol’Icam: This obstacle course takes place in the spring on the Motocross Field of La Chapelle-sur-Erdre. Participants have access to 2 types of races: a “competition” with a time of 4.3 kilometers and a “relaxation” of 1.8 kilometers. A fun and sporty day!
  • BSpi – The Spiritual Office which takes care of pastoral animation and is open to all students and collaborators. The chaplaincy offers moments of sharing, exchanges, and masses. There are 2 regular events per week: spiritual time on Thursday at 7:30 p.m., and mass on Friday noon at the Chapel of the Maison des Icam.
  • Impact Icam is the school’s Junior Enterprise. This association operates like a business – a consulting firm. It allows students to put their theoretical teachings into practice by carrying out projects for professionals and industry partners.
  • Humanitarian associations : The student associations of Icam Nantes collaborate with various humanitarian organizations: Antipode (India), Pamoja (Tanzania) and Toimaya (Comoros). By carrying out different activities and events, students are able to raise funds to finance projects such as renovating an orphanage or shipping school supplies to schools.

Video: Sailing association in Icam Nantes campus.

Student Handbook
Practical information
Student housing

Student residence – Maison des Icam

The residence, called “Maison des Icam” or MI, is located on campus, accommodating 300 students in a green environment conducive to study. The MI is an integral part of the Icam’s educational experience.

Each apartment in the MI accommodates 15 students. Each student has an individual furnished room of 18m2 with a private bathroom. There is a shared common space (kitchen, dining room, and relaxation area).

Other facilities are available such as:

  • a student-run bar
  • a games room
  • an audio-visual room
  • meeting rooms
  • a chapel
  • a laundry room
  • sports facilities (gymnasium/weight room/football field)
  • student association offices (BDE, BDS, etc.)

The residence is also equipped with a private car park and a closed bicycle room.

Careful supervision: The staff – a director, a student life coach present every evening, an accounting secretary and maintenance agents – remain attentive to the needs of the students.

Life in the very friendly residence encourages mutual assistance and helps to find the right balance between collective and personal life. The management of activities related to student life is entrusted to the students, who enjoy a large degree of autonomy. 

Where to eat

An on-campus catering service is available to students every lunchtime from Monday to Friday.





“Icam” stop on bus line 95, a few minutes from the Tramway (Haluchère stop).