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I am an incoming university student
Icam offers an innovative and international undergraduate program in General Engineering, based on an interdisciplinary and experience-based learning via the Parcours Ouvert.
I am an undergraduate student
Icam offers the opportunity for students to explore various engineering fields through semester or year-long exchanges in the form of classes, professional workshops, research opportunities and internships.
I am a graduate/post-graduate student
Hone specializations in different engineering fields through Icam’s advanced masters programs, doctorate and post-doctorate programs.
Summer Program
Focusing on integral ecology which combines technical with environmental and social aspects of pressing global problems, Icam’s Summer Program showcases Icam’s pedagogy: workshops, experiential learning, industry exposure and internship.
Higher Education The school scored particularly well on the criterion of professional integration. Icam 10th in Figaro’s post-bac engineering school rankings
Grand Paris Sud A unique project, documented by Arte, in which students from Nantes and Grand Paris Sud create frugal innovations. Icam students collaborate on the Urban Biosphere
Écologie intégrale It sets the objectives and framework for action over the next three years. Icam’s 2024-2026 “Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility” plan validated, for a stronger commitment!
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They are part of the Icam Family
Reine, Chayma and Benigne : « There are obstacles, but they can be overcome! » These three young women, all Icam students, share with us their unique experiences as young women from abroad or from modest backgrounds.
Vinicius Gondim turns his passion into an engineering project A keen sailor, this Brazilian student at Unicap-Icam Tech has set up a team to take part in the SuMoth Challenge in France.
Reine Sonkin : from the Ucac-Icam Institute in Douala to Sherbrooke, Canada! Reine Sonkin, student computer engineer from the X2024 class, illustrates the partnership with the Sherbrooke University in Canada.
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French as a Foreign Language

Going beyond a simple language class, Icam’s French as a Foreign Language ensures complete immersion into the French culture by teaching language and grammar concepts while actively learning about French history, geography, and traditions.

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Contact our international office

An international office spread across all campuses is responsible for promoting programs to students, teachers and staff, preparation for departure (choice of study program, visa, cultural preparation) and welcoming foreign students and faculty (accommodation, administrative procedures, integration into school, cultural integration, language courses). 

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Discover our partner universities

Icam seeks to forge a very privileged relationship with its international partners. Our collaborations  pursue three paths:

  • Student academic exchanges – 27 universities
  • Joint programs or dual degree programs – 12 universities
  • Research cooperation – 27 universities

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13 campuses in the world
71 partners universities
900 new grads each year in France
20500 Alumni