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Strasbourg campus

Strasbourg Campus

The 5,000m2 Strasbourg-Europe campus welcomes 600 students every year and provides them with:

  • Classrooms, lecture theaters, practical rooms
  • 2,000 m2 of Fablab and laboratories
  • A green, connected campus covering almost 3.5 hectares
  • Two partner student residences opposite the school
  • A cafeteria open every lunchtime, run by the Student Office
  • A co-working space
  • A 5.0 industrial platform on which over 100 professionals are trained every year
  • Over 30 sports activities offered by the Sports Office

Located in the heart of Europe’s capital, the Strasbourg-Europe engineering school offers a study environment conducive to success and personal fulfillment. Remarkable architecture, a bright, eco-friendly building, state-of-the-art laboratories and lush green grounds make it a great place to live, study and share.

Its geographical location enables it to benefit from privileged relations with companies and universities in European countries. Resolutely international, the Strasbourg-Europe site offers opportunities for immersion abroad from the second year of the preparatory curriculum. Partnerships with over 150 universities worldwide confirm this.

Strasbourg Campus

Studying at Strasbourg-Europe

The courses offered by the Icam Strasbourg-Europe site are a benchmark for students wishing to train in engineering and work in the fields of technology and innovation. The school offers two courses:

  • Icam’s Arts & Métiers-type general engineering program, under student status
  • A specialized engineering cycle in industrial digital systems, under apprentice status.

The right prep for every profile:

  • Scientific preparatory courses CPGE PCSI-PSI
  • International prep school
  • Digital preparatory courses

Direct access to the professional world

Training in line with industrial needs, thanks to :

  • Industrial platforms
  • Teachers from the world of industry
  • The expertise of the Icam’Pro team in Lean and Digital Manufacturing (over 100 industrialists trained each year)
  • Professionalization contracts for the General Engineering program
  • Apprenticeship contracts for the Digital and Industrial Systems engineering program
  • Mentors who form the students’ first professional network


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Icam training courses in Strasbourg
Engineering courses

🌍 International prep school
🤖 Digital preparatory school
🥼 Scientific preparatory classes (PCSI-PSI)
⚙️ Cycle Ingénieur Généraliste de type Arts & Métiers
💻 Industrial digital systems engineering cycle
🌐 Mastère Spécialisé Architect of Information Systems in Industrial Processes

Professional training

Since its creation, the Icam Strasbourg-Europe site has supported its partners in implementing Lean Management within their companies. Our experts take charge of training teams and transmitting methods to enable them to become agile, learners and autonomous participants in the continuous improvement process. To date, over 2,000 professionals have been trained in our Lean training courses:

  • Yellow Belt – Lean Fundamentals
  • Green Belt – Lean Office
  • Green Belt – Lean Manufacturing
  • Black Belt – Lean Management
  • Black Belt – Lean Manufacturing

The school also offers a range of continuing education courses for professionals and jobseekers wishing to specialize in the digital sector:

  • Cybersecurity Administrator
  • Data Scientist
  • Additive Training – 3D Printing
Our network of partners

alsace tech icam







Strasbourg Campus

All passions – sporting, artistic and cultural – are expressed and shared on the Strasbourg site. Unmissable events enliven the campus throughout the year. Friendships and memories are made every day.
Services are also available on the school premises to make you feel at home throughout the year.

Clubs and associations

  • The Bureau Des Étudiants (BDE) manages student life, the cafeteria, the foyer and organizes the integration month at the start of the school year. It can help you find a work partner or integrate into your class.
  • The Bureau Des Sports (BDS) organizes weekly sports activities: soccer, basketball, volleyball, but also zumba, yoga, rowing or e-gaming, there’s something for every taste and level. It also organizes an annual ski study trip.
  • Other clubs and associations: we have 14 in all! They enable students to discover or share their activities and passions. The campus is brimming with inspiring communities such as the humanitarian club (Icam’our), the fun language club, the music club, the photo club, the VSS club, the Sustainable Development club (Lean Verte), the dance club, etc.

bureau des étudiants strasbourg icam


  • Afterworks: in the cafeteria, around a barbecue or flammekueches, in a brasserie or a bar in town, afterworks punctuate student life and are a time to chat and share after a busy day of study. Each afterwork has a different theme.
  • Integration: the Integration Weekend (WEI) closes the first month of activities on campus to welcome new students. Students spend a whole weekend getting to know each other and making new friends. Sports activities, entertainment and moments of relaxation in a completely secure setting close to nature.
  • Study ski trip: every year, the BDS organizes a week-long ski trip. On the program: skiing, winter sports, raclette and study time to keep up the pace! And it’s all done in an atmosphere of good humor between students and teachers.
  • 4L Trophy: this humanitarian sporting adventure involves driving a Renault 4 to transport school supplies and foodstuffs across Morocco and its desert in a minimum number of kilometers. Every year, teams of Icam students take up the challenge.
  • Icam inter-campus events
  • And much more!

Strasbourg, the second most popular city for students

Did you know? Strasbourg is third in the L’Etudiant ranking of the best student cities and the most recommended by students.

Strasbourg campus

A student city by definition, Strasbourg boasts a vast housing stock. The Strasbourg-Europe campus is a partner of several student residences close to the school, and 200 apartments have been reserved for its students. The student life team assists students in their search for accommodation.

Contact them!

Partner residences

Eating out

On campus and in the surrounding area, students have a wide choice of catering options:

  • La Cafét, run by the Bureau des Etudiants (BDE), where students can order pastries and other sweets, smoothies and hot drinks, pasta, sandwiches and pizzas, all at mini prices. Numerous themed evenings are organized throughout the year, depending on the season: barbecues in summer, tartes flambées (flammekueches) in winter and raclette evenings.
  • The Cronenbourg Restaurant Universitaire (RU) is a 10-minute walk from the building. Hot, varied and balanced dishes are served every lunchtime. You can access it freely on presentation of your student card, or sign up at the beginning of the year for a rechargeable card.
  • The Espace Européen de l’Entreprise campus also boasts a number of restaurants: sandwich shops, Asian restaurants, bagels, pizzerias, brasserie-inspired or gourmet, there’s something for everyone.
Getting around
  • By bike: As France’s No. 1 cycling city, Strasbourg is a champion of soft mobility. The Strasbourg campus provides its students and staff with a fleet of 50 city bikes. A maintenance service and secure parking are also available. This service is part of an approach that combines the well-being of students and respect for the environment.
  • By public transport: the high service level G bus line, which operates like a tramway, links the campus (Londres stop) and the station/city center (Gare Centrale stop) in just 10 minutes.

Getting to Strasbourg

The TGV Est high-speed train line takes you to Paris in less than 2 hours, and serves many other destinations. Strasbourg’s train station is located in the city center and is accessible by streetcar and bus. Strasbourg also has an airport just 12 km away.

  • Strasbourg > Paris: 2h by TGV
  • Strasbourg airport > City center: 20 min by car / shuttle bus to train station available
  • Campus > City center: 15 min by public transport / 15 min by car / 20 min by bike
Accessibility for students and trainees with disabilities

Since its creation, Icam Strasbourg-Europe has been committed to welcoming and supporting people with disabilities. Its building meets current standards, and has received a favorable opinion from the Commission Consultative Départementale de Sécurité et d’Accessibilité (CCDSA).

The school’s disability advisor works with all departments to implement a policy of student and professional success that encourages disabled people to access and remain in employment. In addition, our work-study programs and vocational training courses are accessible to people with disabilities.

To this end, the department’s actions are manifold:

  • Implementation of compensation measures and workstation adjustments for staff, teachers and students
  • Raising awareness of disability issues among students, teachers and work teams, etc.
  • Support for the implementation of disability-related projects: training courses, accessibility work, research projects, etc.
  • Development of partnership relations to secure the career paths of people with disabilities.

Do you need accommodation? As soon as your admission to Icam is announced, you can contact our disability advisor, who will give you all the information you need and help you make the right choices. As soon as you start the new academic year, a one-to-one meeting to get to know each other will enable us to provide you with individualized support.

To find out more about the accessibility of establishments open to the public, please consult the government website.

The UE Engagement Étudiant

At the Icam Strasbourg-Europe site, we have set up a teaching unit specifically for student involvement. Its main aim is to enhance students’ civic involvement with pupils or other groups, through missions internal to Icam, Strasbourg-Europe site or set up with associative or institutional partners.

Students in their first year of preparatory classes and their first year of engineering studies are encouraged to take part in an educational, cultural, civic, solidarity, professional, entrepreneurial or sporting activity defined and developed in agreement with the school. We will then be able to identify and valorize the skills acquired through these experiences.
This scheme encourages student and community initiatives at school and in the surrounding area. In order to benefit from this scheme, student applicants must submit and demonstrate their involvement in a major project in the fields of the arts, culture, sports, associations, student life, disabilities, health promotion, sustainable development, entrepreneurship or professionalization.

Valuing student commitment means giving value to the knowledge and skills resulting from this commitment, by highlighting the skills or know-how developed as part of the commitment.

The UE Engagement Étudiant enables students to earn ECTS credits, which are compulsory to validate a year’s work.

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