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Icam A delegation of Icam students and alumni attended the World Youth Day in Lisbon last July and August. WYD in Lisbon: 300 Icam in attendance!
Écologie intégrale Une édition qui a réuni 160 collaborateurs, entre France et Afrique Convention pédagogique : focus sur la transition écologique et sociétale
Research [Research] An exceptional event at Icam Nantes in September ICCGS 2023
Icam Icam takes part in the international Magis programme
Higher Education Réalisation en co-responsabilité avec les apprenants Enseignement : Création d’une charte éthique de l’usage de Chat GPT en classe
Ecole de Production The latest CAP examination sessions were a great success for our production school students. Icam production schools: remarkable results at CAP 2023!
Icam A delegation of Icam students attends World Youth Day (WYD) in Lisbon Icam students at WYD in Lisbon
Higher Education Students in year 4 of the apprenticeship programme are now carrying out an Integral Ecology Mission, a team or individual experiment aimed at the common go Launch of the first integral ecology mission for 4th year apprentices
Higher Education Erees Queen B. Macabebe chairs a department at Ateneo de Manila University, which is preparing to welcome 22 Open Path students. French visit before the Parcours Ouvert reception in Manila
Integral Ecology 120 people at the Territorial Technical Conference on May 4, 2023 A successful day dedicated to the circular economy in the public works sector!
Research Researchers from all over the world gathered on June 7 and 8 at Icam's Toulouse site.  Icam International Research Days: a major event
Toulouse A transformation serving learning and working conditions Industrial reorganization of the production school at the Icam Toulouse campus: