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The values that “make” Icam

Since its creation in 1898, Icam has grown, in France and around the world, remaining deeply rooted in its values: audacity, trust, freedom, responsibility, solidarity and collective success.

Its essential mission is to train free, conscious, committed and actor engineers in their lives. All courses at the Icam are designed to develop these qualities, which are the common denominator of all students and alumni.


Opening up to others and the world

To succeed in this mission, Icam relies, for example, on the Decision Education (PDD), a legacy of the School’s Jesuit foundations: it invites students, through regular times of rereading, to explore and experience what “makes sense” to them and thus guide all their choices, in an informed way.

Students are also forced out of their comfort zone,through social missions, personal projects (such as the Experiment) and international study opportunities, which open them to other cultures and realities, to sharpen their vision of the world and its stakes.

Life in residence Icam is also an integral part of the educational experience: students learn the values of exchange, sharing, respect,co-responsibility and openness to others.

Social diversity is encouraged by scholarships and honorary loans and thus opens up campuses to as diverse an audience as possible. Engineering students also interact with young students in production schools, some for school support, others for technical advice, with the idea of real reciprocity.


Audace and Development

This is the name given to Icam’s first fundraising campaign, from 2011 to 2018. A name that was not chosen at random, because the Icam is indeed guided by audacity in each of its projects.

The audacity to develop in a singular way, by opening campuses primarily in countries facing major challenges of demographic and economic development (Africa, India, Brazil…), in order to train young engineers in and for their country.

The audacity to fully integrate educational innovations PBL (problem based learning), reverse classes, etc. – which build on infrastructures such as the digital campus, making it easier to share courses and use all business software with BYOD (bring bring) technology your own device), or the “Fab Lab”, real places of innovation and creation.

The audacity, finally, to open up to different candidates by creating the Open Course, in 2018, accessible to holders of a bac S, STI, ES, or L options maths, as well as to all diplomas of the same nature of all countries. Entirely designed around innovative pedagogies that foster creativity, it opens up new perspectives for hundreds of young people and offers a different vision of the engineering profession: more and more… Ingenious!