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Why choose Icam

Everyday, the men and women who contribute to the Icam project cultivate a double perspective: one of the present – offering the best possible training taking into account current economic and sociological realities; and one towards the future – moving towards and enriching the engineering profession at the pace of industrial and sociological transformations. We discern 3 key orientations.


Integral ecology

Our world is being disrupted by social and environmental crises. They are increasingly linked, and must therefore be addressed in a systematic approach: integral ecology.

Icam develops this awareness in its students not only through technical and human training, but also through a student life focused on openness to others: shared responsibilities in the student residence and in student associations, social and voluntary missions, etc. 

Each Icam campus also trains youth struggling with social and professional integration, via the Ecoles de Production – or “Production Schools”.

Encouraging integral ecology also means working on research which addresses pressing issues, in collaboration with large laboratories in France and around the world. Icam researchers focus on energy, corporate social and technological transition, as well as innovative structures and materials. These different research domains share a common thread: the will to design ethical and ecological innovations, participating in both technological and social progress.


Engineer 4.0

Digital technologies are evolving faster and tomorrow’s engineers need to be agile and adapt to tools that do not even exist at the moment. 


Icam provides its students with solid foundations in order to easily switch across different technologies and tools. Furthermore, the school constantly integrates educational innovations into its training and regularly updates its infrastructure to provide the students with a means to try out new technology (digital campus, Fab Labs, co-working spaces, etc.).

Icam encourages a sense of entrepreneurship, so that students acquire audacity, initiative and creativity, enabling them to innovate as well as to develop and improve existing structures and solutions.


The world at your fingertips

It is a reality today, which will be even more pronounced tomorrow: the world is within everyone’s reach and digital pathways are abolishing constraints of distance and transport (a concept developed in India can be concretized in Brazil using a 3D printer by simply sending a file). Our students will therefore evolve into an ever stronger multicultural reality.

Icam is developing campuses around the world with the aim of supporting the emergence of regions with high development potential, training young people in and for their country. The Icam campuses in Central Africa (Pointe Noire, Douala, Kinshasa), India (Chennai) and Brazil (Recife) open our doors to the world, and our collaboration with partner universities in Europe, North America and Asia further extends our reach.

Icam constantly revisits its training courses to allow our students greater international exposure via semesters or years spent abroad. Feasibility studies to open new campuses around the world are also regularly performed.