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Summer Program for Loyola Icam College (LICET) Students


Why choose this program?

This month-long summer program will challenge you to apply and learn technical skills while developing your independence and cultural sensitivity. The experience is further completed by exposure to French industries via multiple company visits during the course of the program.

The summer program for Loyola Icam students have been accepting 60 students per year since it started in 2012.


Program highlights

  • A vibrant and holistic experience offering 
    • Design and construction of a prototype for your technical project (Lille – remote-controlled solar car, Nantes – Bluetooth-controlled Windmill, Paris-Sénart – 3D printing of a Hovercraft, Toulouse – Smart Sorting Prototype) 
    • Human development
    • Cultural awareness
  • Industry visits to French companies
  • Multiple opportunities for cultural and travel immersion during French classes and on the weekends
  • A weekend immersion in a French family


Lille, Nantes, Paris-Sénart and Toulouse.

Note that accomodation is available in each campus with a Student Residence.



English with French language classes


TIP: Make the most of your time in France and add a Icam Master’s Degree in General Engineering after you finish your studies at Loyola Icam College! 

You are also invited to expose yourself to Icam and the French culture at different points in your student life.



Program Structure

The 4-week program will distribute your experience across four key domains:

  • Technical Project
  • French Language and Culture 
  • Industry Visits
  • Holistic Development and Icam Pedagogy


Classes are held Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm, with French classes being held in the morning, and the technical projects in the afternoon.

Project Work
Project Work – Individual work
Technical Project – from Design to Parts Manufacturing to Prototyping   8 30   2 40 4
Technical & practical courses in laboratories : students learn how to manage a technical project :   8       8  
Designing and manufacturing a prototype     30   2 32 4
all the steps from understanding a book of specifications, researching relevant technical documentation, understanding customers’ expectations, imagining solutions, designing (CAD/CAM) to manufacture the model.              
team of Indian students from various technological fields: Mechanical Eng, Electronic, Electrical Eng and Computer Science.              
French Language and Culture 46 32   26 2 106 2
French as a Foreign Language Intensive classes to develop communication skills 40 8   10 2 60 2
Intercultural classes to understand cultural differences between France and India better. Intercultural events 6         6  
Stay with a French family during one week-end to better integrate the French culture       16   16  
Cultural visits in France   24       24  
Industry Visits   12   6   18  
Three company visits (prepared beforehand) to get a better understanding of industry world              
Holistic Development and Icam Pedagogy 20         20  
Introduction to Icam pedagogy and interaction with Icam teachers and students              
Decision Methodology: accompagnement personnalisé              
Total 66 52 30 32 4 184 6

Use your technical and teamworking skills to complete a technical project, from design all the way to construction/prototyping (including tasks such as additive manufacturing, turning and milling, or laser and water cutting). Teams will have varying backgrounds and specializations that will contribute to the different aspects of the project, giving you a taste of working in the real world. 

The final product will vary depending on the campus you study in.

French immersion is ensured through intensive 50-hour French languages courses and Intercultural events. 


French is taught using activity-based learning, and focuses on the following topics:

  • Listening and Reading Skills
  • Grammar, Vocabulary and Expressions
  • French Culture (ex. cooking) 

Classes are organized based on french proficiency and students are assessed not only based on oral and written skills but also in contributions and participation to intercultural and team-building events. The class culminates in the preparation of a demo video in French.

Experiential learning is critical to Icam pedagogy. Exposure to the industry and to industry practices is assured by visits to 3 companies in France. 

Students are briefed prior to the visit, and are required to provide a feedback report after the visits.

The Icam pedagogy is present throughout the whole program, and helps explore self-understanding, team building, awareness and cultural reflections.

A variety of activities are organized: sight-seeing, cultural and city visits, talent show, music festival and an Indian dinner. 

A weekend is dedicated to a stay with a French host family to promote immersion into the French culture while facilitating intercultural exchange.

An Icam mentor will walk you through the Reflection and exercises around your personal and professional experiences to get the best of you and help you make your choices.

Admission and fees
  • Application deadline: December 20
  • Admission criteria:
    • Open to undergraduate students with:
      • a minimum of 2 years of studies
      • a scientific or engineering background
    • Personal motivation
      • Shares the concern about the much-needed ecological conversion and response
      • Eager to discover French culture
      • Attracted by a strong international team experience
  • Language requirement
    • The courses and internship are carried out in English.  Basic knowledge of french is welcome but not a must. 
    • In any case, the summer program includes french classes to facilitate better integration.
  • Tuition fees
    • The fees for the Summer Program is 2,000 EUR.
    • Loyola Icam College students benefit from a reduced rate of Rs 1,42,000 (approximately 1600 EUR), including flight travel).
  • The fees include: administration fees, passport/ visa fees, housing, airfare, mandatory insurance for health and repatriation, transportation (weekdays) to Icam and for field visits, course materials, cost for outings organized by Icam.
  • The fees do not include:  subsistence throughout the stay, personal   expenses   (free  weekends, etc.) and home university fees & costs.
  • Experience of summer program alumni indicates a monthly budget of 500EUR for personal expenses. To estimate your monthly living costs in France in more detail, please refer to our sample budget.

I did my Summer Program at the Nantes Campus and this whole experience turned out to be a real eye opener. I was awestruck at the quality of education and livelihood at Icam, alongside its well-equipped facilities and plethora of opportunities. 

As someone who has always sought balance between theoretical and practical knowledge, Icam offered me a haven with its right blend of theory and hands-on education. 

Moreover this visit also brought to light the French way of life, its customs, traditions and rich culture. The vibrant cuisines, heritage and lore all left me dazzled and wanting to uncover more. It was then that I decided that France would be the perfect choice to further pursue my career

Sharun Deepak, Mechanical student, Batch 2017-2021, 2019 Summer Program


After I finished my second year, I was selected as a summer exchange student to visit and do a technical interdisciplinary project at Icam, Nantes, France for one month. 

I had huge exposure during my visit to France as a student. I was impressed with Icam’s pedagogy and did my project successfully. My project was “design and implementation of optimal and smart windmill” which was a combination of General Engineering and Information technology. I was exposed to French culture and French etiquette.

I also spent some time living with a French family as a part of this program which was a very new and enriching experience. 

I had regular French classes at Icam. Other than that I visited several places across France and French industries such as Saunier Duval, Armor and Yves Rocher. Interestingly I observed these industries deployed Artificial intelligence and Data Science methodologies which intrigued me deeply. I loved how organized these industries were with interdisciplinary application of AI and Data Science. This influenced me to pursue something that is holistic and interdisciplinary for my higher studiesSmith Trivedi, IT student, Batch 2017-2021, 2019 Summer Program