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A school open to the world

Engineers for “the world”

Icam has 5 international campuses in countries with high development potential. They train young engineers “in their country and for their country”, while maintaining a global outlook facilitating a healthy exchange of ideas and awareness of various global realities.

Each Icam engineer has at least one semester of international experience. 

International experience comes in various forms, with always, a strong commitment: openness to others and their culture.

  • semester-long student exchanges between Icam sites or with partner universities
  • scientific master thesis with partner universities
  • internships with international companies
  • double degrees with partner universities


Icam sites around the world

Icam regularly opens new international sites, responding to local needs. Icam currently has 5 international sites:

  • The Icam Institute, based in Douala (Cameroon) and Pointe-Noire (Congo)
  • Loyola Icam College of Engineering, Chennai, India
  • The UlC-Icam Faculty of Engineering in Kinshasa (DRC)
  • Unicap-Icam School of Engineering and Architecture, Recife, Brazil


Icam’s international strategy is to open campuses primarily in high-potential countries, whose economic and demographic growth will require the training of men and women who can meet the recruitment needs of companies.

Students at these international sites can follow a path leading to the Icam engineering degree,or obtain other diplomas according to the specialized courses offered: BTS, Licenses, Masters

Icam training courses – in particular the Parcours Ouvert – encourage exchanges of students between campuses, in order to fully experience this international dimension of the school. Semesters or years of study, but also rare are all opportunities to experience the Icam worldwide” experience!


A school with strong Industry and Company Linkages

Icam benefits from strong linkages with companies

Icam, being founded by industrialists, maintains very close ties with various companies: from start-ups to Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to MultiNational Corporations (MNCs). Representatives of partner companies regularly participate in the different aspects of the formation of the Icam engineers ensuring exposure to practical applications: juries, courses, visits, conferences, meetings, internship offers, apprenticeships and employment contracts. Some companies also collaborate with the Icam to implement professional training in relation to their recruitment needs. Icam also welcomes employees who wish to advance in their careers by becoming engineers.


60+ Partner universities in 25 countries

Icam seeks to forge a very privileged relationship with its international partners. The cooperation may be pursued in three paths:

  • Student academic exchanges – 27 universities

Icam students are invited to spend semesters or even years of international studies, so as to fully immerse themselves in the culture of the host country. 

  • Joint programs or double degree programs – 12 universities

Some institutions have double-degree agreements with Icam which allow students to enrich their educational contributions and/or acquire a specialisation in a complementary field (such as management, for example), with the joint graduation of the Icam engineering degree and the diploma of the chosen foreign institution.

  • Research cooperation – 27 universities

International partnerships are also being developed within the framework of the Research cooperation programs, for example, exchanges of PhD students wishing to carry out their thesis internationally, or the implementation of inter-site projects.