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Summer Program


Program at a glance


Why choose this program?

This summer program will challenge you to develop your sensitivity and awareness of crucial issues for future scientists and engineers. 

Integral ecology leads to a broad scale of reflection, not only on the technical level but also on the social dimension of very complex issues. You will also be invited to take a step back in order to question our current way of living, the patterns of production, consumption, the care we bring to our common home, our planet with its limited resources.

Putting theory into practice is also very important for Icam. You will be able to foster your ability to imagine solutions with the best and sustainable social benefit through various workshops and industry visits, culminated by an internship in a French company.

Program highlights

  • A vibrant and complete experience offering 
  • Knowledge and skills on “integral ecology”
  • Human development
  • Cultural awareness
  • Discovery of integral ecology via visits to companies and renewable energy sites
  • Internship in a French Company selected by Icam
  • Western France’s Gulf of Morbihan provides an amazing backdrop to commune with nature and experience French culture
  • Immersion in a French family or flat sharing with other students
  • Multiple opportunities for cultural, travel and sports immersion

Icam’s Holistic Pedagogical approach

The Summer Program uses Problem-based learning to ensure experiential learning during the discovery and analysis of physical systems, acquisition of new notions, and design of numerical tools. 

Project management and intercultural communication skills are also developed while working in groups composed of students with varying cultural and technical backgrounds. 

Immersion into French culture is reinforced not only through the French language and culture classes, but also by living with a French host family or flat-share.

Extra-curricular activities such as sailing, kayaking and hiking promotes experiencing nature while developing a well-rounded student profile.

The internship at a French company marks the culmination of both the technical and essential skills acquired throughout the program.



Icam Bretagne Campus, in the city of Vannes



English with French language classes



Program Structure

The summer program starts with a 6-week stay at the Icam campus followed by a 2-week internship in a company. 






Integrative Engineering Project


Visits of Low Tech Lab, Morbihan Energy & Windmill parc



French Language & Culture


Visits of Vannes & Mont Saint Michel & Intercultural Party



Human Development & Team Building


Hiking, Sailing, Kayaking and Human Development




2-week internship





The integrative engineering project has the following modules:

  • Renewable Energy and Frugal Innovation Modules (3 ECTS)

Frugal & Low-Tech Innovation (16H) : Take on board the principles of frugal and low-tech innovation. The summer program offers the chance to explore methods and realizations of the Lowtech Lab in Concarneau.

Solar energy (20H): Work on a case study based on the Morbihan Energies House – a positive energy building, interacting at the neighborhood level and at the service of the electric network. Understand how this building of the future was designed by playing with the following parameters: energy performance, renewable electricity production and storage capacity. 

Wind energy (8H) : The “Parc citoyen of Beganne” is France’s first citizen windmill park. Use the project’s 15-year history as a case study to understand the technical, organizational and social dimensions involved in the develop and maintenance of windmill parks. 


  • Engineering Project Module (4 ECTS)

Experience production design from A-Z by creating AND implementing your own solar-powered system. 

Explore the different techniques to realize structure, monitoring and power systems. 

Implement your designs using 3D printing, augmented reality, and laser cutting at Icam’s Fablab!


French immersion is ensured through intensive French languages courses and Intercultural events. 

Classes are organized based on french proficiency and students are assessed not only based on oral and written skills but also in contributions and participation to intercultural and team-building events.



These proposals are powerful ways of global growth. The Icam pedagogy helps to take advantage of the various experiences: self-understanding, team building, awareness and reflections on the ecosystem.

  • 2 days sailing off Vannes coast 

Reflection on marine life, visiting an island, experience of team life at sea.

  • 2 days of human development

Reflection and exercises around your personal and professional experiences to get the best of you and help you make your choices.

  • 1 day of Kayak

In the Gulf of Morbihan, exploration of the island of Ilure, meeting with the person in charge of the preservation and development.

  • 2 days of coastal paths exploration

Hiking and discovering natural sites, encounters with local contributors. An exciting expedition within a mixed team of foreign students.


The internship serves as the culmination of the technical and essential skills explored during the whole summer program, and provides a glimpse into the world of work. As it is performed in a French company, the internship provides a unique opportunity to understand the organization of a French company and experience the French work culture. 

A tutor from the company will brief and coach you on the objectives and tasks foreseen for the duration of the internship.

A report will be required at the end of the internship summarizing the following:

  • Company profile
  • Résumé of your experience at the company
  • Objectives and Results based on the tasks provided by the company
  • Analysis with relation to integral ecology


Admission and fees
  • Application deadline: March 15th
  • Admission criteria:
    • Open to sophomores and above, with scientific or engineering background
    • Personal motivation
      • Shares the concern about the much-needed ecological conversion and response
      • Eager to discover French culture
      • Attracted by a strong international team experience
  • Language requirement
    • The courses and internship are carried out in English. Basic knowledge of french is welcome but not a must. 
    • The summer program includes french classes to facilitate better integration and prepare the students for their internship.
  • Tuition fees
    • The fees for the summer program is 3,700 EUR
    • Partner universities benefit from a reduced rate of 2,600 EUR.
  • The  fees include: Administration fees, housing, transportation (weekdays) to Icam and for field visits, course materials, cost for outings (Sailing, Kayaking…)
  • The fees do not  include:  subsistence throughout the stay, airfare,  personal expenses (free  weekends,   etc.), passport/ visa fees, home university fees & costs,  mandatory insurance for health and repatriation.
  • To estimate your monthly living costs in France, please refer to our sample budget.



Course and internships

Our lectures on integral ecology, not only went in-depth into technical aspects like wind turbine blades specifications and shapes, but also taught a social dimension, like minimizing the ecological impact of machinery and not just focusing on maximizing output. The internship was also an exceptional experience. The company I worked for was well-prepared to run me down on basic duties, even being confident enough to let me replace the parts of one assembly line by myself on my third dayMason - Philippines

For me, my company was pretty good with finding work for me. They also arranged visits of their different sites, which was possible because of the nature of their company. It was definitely a benefit of being at a logistics company.Hannah- USA

Juliette integrated quickly and easily to the team. She showed a lot of interest and engagement in the missions assigned to her: studying state of the art, participating and leading meetings and brainstorming sessions, audit performance and technical documentation. She achieved her objectives and took initiative, some solutions she came up with were implemented. Bravo Juliette for the remarkable work accomplished in such a short period of time! Yves Rocher company



“My favorite exploratory activity was definitely sailing. Hubert and Lionel were great guides. After that it would be Paris (even with my béquilles); Clément was a spectacular guide. It was definitely helpful having French students with us to help navigate. I also really liked getting to know them in general.”Hannah - USA



“I had a great family ! The home was close to the school and the family was also incredibly nice and welcoming!”Juliette - USA