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Dual Degree Programs [DD]

Delivered with field experts and industry practitioners from all over the world, Icam’s Dual Degree programs offer the possibility to continue your education and either get Icam’s General Engineering Master’s Degree, or get specialized with our various Advance Master degree programs. The combination of technical and scientific training together with hands-on learning and internships will complete your engineering profile with the skills necessary to kickstart your engineering career.

These programs are possible under a specific agreement between your home university and Icam. They share the common ambition to promote bicultural engineers with a rich spectrum of skills.

Discover our DD:

Straight Master’s Loyola Icam College Chennai (LICET) / Icam

Icam’s General Engineering Master’s degree trains engineers ideal for either becoming self-proclaimed entrepreneurs or  valuable leaders or players within a company.  

Candidates with a Master’s in general engineering have increased operational skills. The generalist engineering training develops open-mindedness, adaptability, and critical thinking. These profiles are able to piece different elements of a puzzle together while having a bird’s eye-view of real-life situations. Used to complexity and different industries, general engineers can easily work in different industries and are able to reorient themselves and their careers to various environments.