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Embedded chip BT liquid cooling test bench

Characteristics :

Water: 50% [-35°C, +90°C]

Flowrate: [0-8l/min]

Means of control and measurement :

  • Cryostat Lauda : ECO RE 630, [-50°c, +150°C], aircooling, Pcryo 0,7kW [20°C], etc.
  • Cryostat Huber CC410 [-45°c, +200°C], aircooling, Pcryo 0,8kW [20°C], mmax=55l/min, DPmax=1,1bar, etc.
  • Oval gear flowmeters  Macnaught MX12P
  • data acquisition system with 32 channels AQUITEK M301 et MC3324:
  • Thermocouple calibration test bench
  • Copper and aluminium cold plates for components
  • PowerSupply EA-PSI-5040-10A and 40A : 160W et 640W
  • National Instruments :
    • réf. PXIe-5170  : PXIe, 100 MHz, 4- or 8-Channel, 14-Bit, Kintex-7 325T FPGA Reconfigurable PXI Oscilloscope
    • réf. PXIe-6345  : PXIe, 80 AI (16-Bit, 500 kS/s), 2 AO, 24 DIO, PXI Multifunction I/O Module
    • PXIe-4353  : PXIe-4353 32-Channel, 24-Bit PXI Temperature Input Module
    • réf. PXIe-7820R : PXI Digital Reconfigurable I/O Module
    • réf. PXIe-1073  : PXI Chassis
    • Power Switch