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Manila: “Parcours Ouvert” in progress

28 Apr 2023

The Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, a long-time partner of Icam, is making great strides in the development of the Undergraduate international engineering program (“Parcours Ouvert”) and will soon add it to its many programs offered. Starting next September, students at French campuses and the Ucac-Icam Institute in Douala will have the opportunity to complete their final year of courses at Ateneo.

To prepare for this academic year with a group composed solely of international students, as well as for the program’s launch in 2025 for local students, Icam has welcomed professors and administrators from Ateneo on several occasions throughout the year.

Patricia Abu and K. Harold Recto spent a week in April (from the 17th to the 21st) on the Nantes campus to meet with teachers, students, and administrators in order to directly observe the school and participate in the specificities of the program: its competency-based teaching approach, active learning practices, and project management. They were accompanied by Ms. Pia-Marie Larin, a graduate of Ateneo and Icam, who is in charge of the Undergraduate international engineering program project with the Philippine university.

Their regular visits to Icam campuses contribute to strengthening this international partnership, which is based on our shared Ignatian philosophy. Before returning to the Philippines, the team also spent a few days on the Toulouse and Grand Paris Sud campuses.

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