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Ma Cousine Française, two students’ project featured on France Inter

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16 May 2024

Interviewed on France Inter’s “Déjà Debout” program on May 7, 2024, Charles-Antoine d’Adhémar detailed the project he is developing with Philippe Million as part of their MSE (Mémoire Scientifique Entrepreneurial). It was also an opportunity to put the spotlight on Icam.

The two 5th-year students at Icam’s Grand Paris Sud site are working on a business project called Ma Cousine Française, specializing in the manufacture and sale of French cheeses in Canada, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. “The idea came to us during our Expériment in Canada, where we noticed the high cost and lack of taste of French cheeses available on the local market. Despite the availability of raw materials, French know-how seemed to be lacking. Convinced of the technical and financial viability of our idea, we decided to develop a project to produce a high-quality, low-cost, low-carbon cheese aimed at a broad market segment”, they explain.

Philippe and Charles-Antoine are now working full-time on this project, as part of their MSE (Mémoire Scientifique Entrepreneurial). They have set themselves a deadline of July 1 to validate the project’s feasibility. “If our studies conclude that the project is viable, we plan to move to Canada to start the business!”

Find out more about the project

➡️Listen to the replay of Charles-Antoine d’Adhémar’s interview.