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Icam students in Toulouse offer sustainable housing to the homeless

Higher EducationToulouse
6 May 2024

Habitat tour by GAF beneficiaries and Icam students

On May 3, 4th year Bachelor International Icam students handed over the keys to a Tiny House to the Groupe Amitié Fraternité (GAF) association, as part of their final project. The Tiny House will provide accommodation for homeless people in need, offering a concrete solution to a pressing social problem.

The final project of the International Bachelor’s program is a 1:1 scale project, in this case a “Low Tech Habitat”. This project, carried out over two semesters, involves the design (semester 1) and construction (semester 2) of a “habitat of tomorrow”, with a particular focus on low-tech solutions.

Tom Gregoire and Arnaud Languillon,
Managers of the structuring sustainable habitat project Icam international bachelor engineering students

The students wanted to add a significant human dimension, in line with Icam’s values. To this end, a partnership was established with Groupe Amitié Fraternité (GAF). This year, on the Icam site in Toulouse, students worked in collaboration with GAF, which runs “Lieux à Vivre” (Places to Live) for the homeless.

The Tiny House is the result of a sustainable, low-tech project. It uses recycled materials and incorporates features such as a green roof and a solar slate heating system for optimum insulation and effective regulation of the interior temperature. In addition, the installation of dry toilets reduces water consumption, and a phytodepuration system ensures on-site treatment of grey water.

The success of this project is the result of the hard work and commitment of the students, who put a great deal of energy into creating this functional and comfortable home. Exchanges between the students and the association’s beneficiaries enriched the process, testifying to the importance of collaboration and awareness of social issues.

The Tiny House, now completed, is located near the Maison de Naubalette (GAF site). The students handed over the keys to the association on Friday, May 3, 2024, proud to have participated in this initiative of solidarity and social and environmental innovation. The event was covered by La Dépêche.