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ICS was founded in 1947 to develop both the fundamental science of polymers at the interface between chemistry and physics, and to accompany the birth of the polymer industry. Since then, ICS has established itself as a global player in various fields related to polymers and self-assembled systems.

Located in Cronenbourg, ICS is a CNRS “Unité Propre” (UPR 22), associated with the CNRS Institut de Chimie (INC) and in close interaction with the Institut de Physique (INP) and the Institut des sciences de l’ingénierie et des systèmes (INSIS). The Institut Charles Sadron is also associated with the University of Strasbourg and INSA Strasbourg, with strong links to the Physics and Engineering UFR, ECPM and the Faculty of Chemistry. The Institute is also a key player in the Institut Carnot Mica and the Fédération de Recherche Matériaux et Nanosciences Grand Est, and involved in numerous national and international networks.

Structured into seven research teams and four platforms, ICS brings together 53 researchers and teacher-researchers, 38 engineers, technicians and administrative staff and around 100 PhD students, post-docs, associate researchers and interns.