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Mechanical Engineering

Our acivities Technology transfer and innovation Facilities


To fulfil your needs, we are able to associate our skills with the departments of Electrical Engineering, Design & Manufacturing, Material Science, Computer Science, and Fluid Mechanics.

The complementary nature of the different departments allows us to work with a wide range of industries such as : Space and Aeronautics, Automotive, Railway, Food Processing and so on…

Our activities

  • Teaching (1500h / year) on each campus.
  • R&D : 30 projects / year.
    • Structural Analysis and Simulation.
    • Tests and Measurements.
    • Development of Software Tools for Engineering and Design Departments.
  • Research
  • Support to SME’s
  • Training Sessions

Technology Transfer and Innovation

Structural Analysis & Simulation

  • Experimental and theoretical investigations into the strength and stiffness of structural parts in aircraft : tension-fittings, riveted lap-joints, beam columns, stiffened panels
  • Computations and Optimization of Contact Force Distribution in an Aircraft Ball-Screw Assembly
  • Vibro-acoustic Computations on Satellite Solar Array (pre-stressed Thin Film Technology)
  • Pyrotechnic Shock Response Prediction in Spacecraft Structure
  • Simulation of Pipe Bending and Drawing Processes  (Plasticity)
  • Crashworthiness Study of a Lightweight Aluminium Automotive Structure
  • Dynamic Analyses of Aerospace Equipment
  • Finite Element Model Updating of a Spacecraft Antenna Reflector in Dynamics
  • Finite Element Modelling of Scientific Balloons : non linear materials (creeping) and large displacements

Studies & Aid to Mechanical Design

  • State-of-the-Art Fatigue Analysis / Damage Tolerance Methods and Material Data
  • Performing Design for Shock Absorption Optimization
  • Design and Manufacturing of a Machine for Inertia Measurements of Aerospace Equipment
  • Design Optimization of an Automotive Cooler
  • Design and Manufacturing of a Slip Clutch Pedagogic Bench

Tests & Measurements

  • Dynamic Behaviour of Structures : electro-dynamic shakers, accelerometers, impact hammer and FFT analyser
  • Compression and Tensile Tests (load : up to 2000 kN)
  • Thermal Chamber : temperature range [-150 °C, +350 °C]
  • Sensors : strain gauges, load, displacement, rotation, torque

Development of Software Tools for Engineering and Design Departments

  • Matlab Tool for Sizing of Helicopter Rotors : Natural Frequency and   Drag Damper
  • Material Acoustic Impedance Computation at Oblique Incidence
  • Software for Sizing : silo unloaders, gear box
  • Pre-Sizing Tool for Plastic Beams with Ribs
  • Design and Sizing Tool for Hydraulic Jack

Training sessions

  • Specific training adapted to the trainees level and  company needs : Strength of Materials, Finite Element Method, Mechanical Behaviour of  Materials : fatigue, failure, plasticity,…


  • Testing Machines : tension-compression from 500 to 2000 kN, 3 and 4 points flexure, etc.
  • Data Acquisition System : Strain gages, displacement sensors, load transducers, pressure, temperature, hygrometry sensors etc.
  • Analysers for Vibrations and Acoustic : modal and transient analysis, acoustic intensity measurer, etc.
  • Thermal Chamber – temperature range : [-150 °C, +350 °C]
  • Non destructive inspection tools : Infrared camera, Ultrasonic and Acoustic emission devices.
  • Simulation Software : Msc-Nastran, Msc-Marc, Msc-Dytran, Fluent, Star CD, Marc-Mentat, Catia v5, Abaqus, Msc-Adams, Astryd
    • Complementary tools : Matlab, Scilab, Fortran.
  • CAD Software : ProE, SolidWorks, Catia v5
  • Orchestra data acquisition front-end with 4-channel input for Acoustic and Vibrations.
  • FFT Analyser (Scientific Atlanta) for Modal and Transient Analysis of  Structures.
  • Electro-dynamic Shaker (98 N et 18 N) and accelerometers.
  • Acoustic Intensity Measurer and Real-Time Analyser (1/3 octave).
  • Extensometry Sets and Strain Gauges (up to 60 channels), Photo-Elasticimetry.