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Industrial reorganization of the production school at the Icam Toulouse campus:

ToulouseVocational training
5 Jun 2023

A transformation serving learning and working conditions

The production school at the Icam Toulouse campus has undertaken an ambitious industrial reorganization project aimed at improving learning and working conditions for young people and employees. The project was carried out by Hugues MAILHOS and Foucault MORISSON, 5th year Icam engineering students, as part of their Master Thesis of Engineering. It focuses on three key areas: reorganizing storage areas and flows, optimizing storage and improving working conditions.

One of the major objectives of this project is to put in place an efficient organization for storage, flow management and tool storage. By optimizing these aspects, the production school aims to facilitate the daily tasks of its apprentices and master craftsmen. 

In addition to the logistics aspect, this initiative also focuses on improving working conditions and health and safety at work. By taking into account the problems of posture, lifting and safe handling, the project aims to protect the health of young apprentices and master craftsmen. This desire to create an environment conducive to the well-being of the teams is a key element in the industrial reorganization currently under way.

Finally, the project also incorporates an educational dimension with the introduction of visual management. Students’ work plans are being reorganized to recreate professional conditions for young people. This approach encourages greater immersion in industry practices and prepares learners for the challenges they will face in their future careers.

Funded by the Howmet Foundation Aerospace , a major and long-standing partner of the school, this project brings a real improvement in learning conditions and the professionalization of our students. The production school at the Icam Toulouse site trains young people who have missed out on training in the trades of machinist and boilermaker, both of which are in short supply in local industries. The links developed with the Howmet Foundation Aerospace over several years are an asset in preparing our students for their professional integration.

The Icam Toulouse production school has therefore embarked on a major industrial reorganization, focusing on improving learning and working conditions. This ambitious project, led by Hugues and Foucault, focuses on the reorganization of storage areas and workflows, the improvement of working conditions and educational innovation. The video presentation highlights what has already been achieved and demonstrates the Howmet Aerospace Foundation’s commitment to an optimal working environment for young people and employees.