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Adnane Jaafar, between engineering and English boxing

18 Sep 2023

Adnane Jaafar is a CPMN student at the Icam Strasbourg-Europe site. With a passion for English boxing and the support of the school, he has set his sights on becoming a professional boxer! We asked him about his sport, his project and how he organizes his schedule.

Why this sport?

“That’s a good question,” replied Adnane. Before boxing, he played a number of sports, including soccer, but it was English boxing that brought him back. What he likes best is the feeling of happiness that follows training: the feeling of accomplishment. What his sport brings him is both physical and mental peace.

What’s your background and project?

Adnane slowed down the pace of his training during his years at CPGE. It was then that he realized that he needed to maintain a particular balance between his classes and his sporting activities.

At the Icam Strasbourg-Europe site, he decided to set up a sports project. With the support of his main teacher and the student life officer, he now has a modified timetable and a goal in mind: to reach professional level by next year!

How do you manage your schedule?

School and boxing are complementary for Adnane. Without one, it’s impossible to do the other. Keeping up to date with his lessons enables him to go to training with peace of mind, which brings him his daily dose of joy.

Of course, this schedule requires motivation and a real passion for the sport!

Are you inspired by others?

Of course! Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson, two very famous names. They are among those who changed the world of English boxing. Adnane also cites Badr Hari, this time a kickboxing name, who inspires him not least because he has risen to the professional level from which he represents Morocco.

We wish Adnane the best of luck in his forthcoming championships!

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