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Corporate decarbonization and flow mapping: two services worth discovering !

28 Apr 2024

Project engineers at the Lille site are offering companies two new services to meet their needs.

Through its Scientific Memories (MSI) business unit, the Lille site’s Corporate Services division provides engineering services to meet the challenges faced by companies. These include decarbonization and improving production flows.
Would you like us to support you in your efforts ? Don’t hesitate to call on Icam’s teams, who will put their skills and expertise at your service to work with you to develop appropriate solutions.

> Decarbonization of companies
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> Flow mapping
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To request support, please contact Kévin Grain or Christelle Payen, business managers: kevin.grain@icam.fr, christelle.payen@icam.fr

To find out more about the services offered by the Business Services division :