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Icam students at WYD in Lisbon

13 Jul 2023

A delegation of Icam students is planning to travel to World Youth Day (WYD), which takes place from 25 July to 6 August in Lisbon, Portugal. They will meet young people from all over the world and share their faith in a festive, cosmopolitan and warm atmosphere.

More specifically, 12 Icam students have signed up for the Magis International Route 2023, and have received financial support from the school to take part in this personal and collective adventure. The Magis International Route departs from Toulouse on 21 July for Lisbon and the World Youth Day on 31 July. During this journey, participants are invited to take part in Experiences, in the same way as those taken by students on the Icam integrated course between the 3rd and 4th year of their studies.

These experiences are varied (art and culture, faith and spirituality, ecology, social commitment, pilgrimage) and spread geographically across Portugal and Spain. The young people will then gather in Lisbon for the Festival of Nations, a festive time shared with all the MAGIS WYD pilgrims, with a Mass on 31 July, the feast of St Ignatius, with Fr Arturo Sosa, Superior General of the Society of Jesus. This will be followed by the WYD itself, with all the young people present in Lisbon.

In early August, Icam is planning a special celebration for all the Icam students taking part in the WYD – between 130 and 150 of them!

The students taking part in the Magis International Route are supported by Icam through the Féron-Vrau Foundation. To make your contribution to this project, and to Icam’s major projects in general, click here.