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Welcome a student or engineer

Our various courses, from operator to engineer level, allow us to offer you:

  • Trainees at all levels
  • to support your development by allowing a young person to train;
  • entrusting a young graduate with a professional mission abroad;
  • to build your teams by recruiting qualified staff.

An intern

Icam trains CAP (Level V) professionals with an engineering degree (Level I). Many internships punctuate their training. This diversity gives you the opportunity to strengthen your operational teams on an ad hoc basis or to prepare your recruitment for hiring.

By welcoming interns, you contribute to the professionalization of our students and the quality of our training.

Operator level:

  • Fieldwork, discovery of the company for engineering students at the bac level 1 (1 to 2 months).

Periods: July to August

  • Implementation of qualifying training, CAP or BEP, for trainees of continuing education (3 to 4 weeks).


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Technician level:

  • Application of technical knowledge for our engineering students (Bac-2 level)
  • Completed a mission (1 to 2 months) as part of a project.
  • Integration with a team.
  • First takes responsibility for students from the bac level to the bac level.

Periods: mid-June to late August

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Engineering level:

  • The culmination of the engineering training.
  • A real mission to start an engineering career (6 months).

Periods: The engineering internship is offered over two periods:

  • July/August to January
  • February to August

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An Apprentice – Engineering Training

Icam was a pioneer in the training of general engineers on an alternating basis and is a member of the ITII network.

Profile of candidates:

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree – 2 after a BTS or industrial DUT:

  • Industrial Mechanics and Automation, Engineering Technical Assistant, Industrial Product Design,
  • Mechanical and Productive Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing, Product, Electronics, Electronics…
  • Selected on school file and interviews by a joint jury Icam/Industrial.

Skills of trained engineers:

  • Scientific and technical knowledge necessary for industrial trades (mechanics, automatics, computer science, etc.).
  • Organizational capabilities (production and project management, etc.).
  • Responsible for production units operating as a true “profit center”.
  • Animation and team leadership qualities.

Paying an apprentice:

Taking into account the aid allocated to companies and the salary charges specific to apprenticeship contracts, an apprentice engineer costs, on average, all expenses included, about
$10,000 a year. The company also benefits from a tax credit of 1600 euros per year per apprentice recruited. Icam does not charge any training fees to the host company.

Alternating rhythm:

The apprenticeship lasts 3 years (4 years for the Paris-Senart site). The pace of alternation changes with the training year:

  • 1 month / 1 month in the first year of the apprenticeship cycle
  • 3 months / 3 months in the second year
  • 6 months / 6 months in the last year


From November

  • Discovering companies by future apprentices, first contacts.

From March

  • Companies submit their apprenticeship contract offers.

From July

  • Signing of apprenticeship contracts. Icam has previously carried out the administrative procedures (contracting, links with the ICCs and the directorates of work, …)

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An Apprentice – Bac Pro in Industrial Equipment Maintenance:

This Bac Professional training is carried out in an apprenticeship contract only at Icam, Lille campus. It is validated by a diploma from National Education and preparation for electrical clearance.

Subject to more favourable contractual or conventional arrangements, the apprentice receives a salary determined as a percentage of the SMIC, the amount of which varies according to the age of the beneficiary and the level.


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An operator

Hosting an Icam-trained operator can be done in several forms:

  • a student of our engineering courses on an internship
  • a vocational training student, on an internship
  • a vocational training graduate, for a job



  • for engineering students:
  • for vocational students:

Employment: Graduates are available from June

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An engineer

Icam trains general engineers, either in initial training (integrated course, apprenticeship and open course) or through continuing education.

Through general training, Icam engineers can integrate companies from all sectors for a variety of missions.

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A V.I.E.

Thanks to the V.I.E, International Volunteering in Business,you entrust a young graduate with a professional mission abroad for a flexible period of 6 to 24 months.

The missions entrusted to the volunteers –commercial, scientific or technical– are decided by the company. They are aimed at motivated and professionally trained candidates.

Why offer a LIFE to an Icam engineer?

  • International dimension strongly present in the training curriculum
  • Management skills and adaptability to different cultures through human training

The V.I.E formula is a good alternative to expatriation. On average, the annual cost of a V.I.E in Europe is 20,000 euros (excluding VAT) for the company (benefits and social insurance).

A company that has never used this formula can apply to benefit from it by contacting UBIFRANCE (through obtaining approval).