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Parcours ouvert : become an engineer with an international and intercultural program


The Parcours ouvert is a generalist engineering program, authorized by the CTI for students with a french baccalauréat (S, STI2D, STL but also ES spé maths, L spé maths) and graduates of a foreign course. It is structured around a year of preparation followed by a fundamental cycle of three years and a professional cycle of two years, under student status or under apprentice status.

From experimentation to conceptualization, an international and intercultural program developing autonomy.

You have a background that makes you practice scientific subjects, while developing a strong general culture. You are looking for a program offering international and intercultural experiences.

You are looking for a program that emphasizes on experimentation and will help to develop your autonomy. This program with an active pedagogy and a strong international dimension, supplemented by the last two years of the training Engineer Icam Integrated or Engineer Icam Learning, proposes to you, to become a general engineer through an intercultural curriculum ranging from experimentation to conceptualization.

The program


  • Mathematics, Computer Science and Automatics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Energy, Environment and Materials

You develop the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to build a strong general scientific foundation, necessary for the engineer.


  • Humanities (including modern languages)
  • Management of People and Organizations

Courses of the Parcours ouvert are based on problem based learning and the Kolb cycle:

  • project management
  • problem based learning (PBL)
  • reverse class, inverted class, translated class….

As part of your training, you can live up to 2.5 years of international mobility

  • 1 year minimum (and up to 2 years) on an Icam campus abroad (Africa – India – Brazil)
  • 2 years of instruction taught entirely in English

In an environment marked by high standards, but also by kindness, Icam’s engineering students benefit from personalised and individualised support throughout their studies.

This support aims to develop the autonomy, discernment and responsibility of students, to open up to others, give meaning to their lives and know how to make choices.

Double diploma

At the end of your training or in parallel with your course, you have the opportunity to complete your Icam general engineering training with an additional diploma.

Double national diplomas (in French):

  • Double diplôme Audencia Nantes : Ingénieur Manager
  • Master 2 “Ingénierie des Transports et de la Supply Chain” (avec UPEC) [Transport and Supply Chain Engineering]
  • Master 2 – SMMS : Sciences pour la Mécanique des Matériaux et des structures (avec l’université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse) [Sciences for the Mechanics of Materials and Structures ]
  • Mastère spécialisé ECO-Innovation et nouvelles Technologies de l’Energie [ECO-Innovation and New Energy Technologies]

International double diploma:

  • HEC Montreal (Canada)
  • SUT – Gliwice (Poland)
  • Laval (Canada)
  • FEI (Brazil)
  • ESIB – St Joseph (Beirut)

The Parcours ouvert is open to baccalaureate holders S, STI2D, STL, ES (maths), L (maths) and foreign graduates.

Admission requirements

S Series all specialities, STI2D, STL, ES maths option, L maths option and courses leading to a foreign diploma (A Level, Abitur…)

Application process

Applications to the Icam for candidates with a french baccalaureate degree go through Parcoursup.

Each application to the Icam is evaluated individually and carefully by several people.

The level of expectations in science, oral or written expression and foreign languages is assessed on the basis of the file by the admissibility jury.

The admission jury attaches great importance to the human dimension of the candidates, their ability to live together, their motivation to become an engineer, their professional project and the choice of the Icam.

Applications are considered in two phases:

  • The study of school results (last 3 years), teachers’ opinions and the young person’s project.
  • Two interviews (one of which is in English) are used to check:
    • the motivation of candidates to become Icam engineers,
    • their ability to succeed in our training,
    • their agility and creativity through the presentation of a personal artistic or cultural work created by the candidate,
    • their level in English. A good level B1 (equivalent to 700 TOEIC) is required at the entrance (any certification of less than 18 months is accepted)

The final national jury validates the admission and orders the candidates.

The interviews will take place in April 2020.

If you are selected for interviews, you will receive an invitation by email / or SMS.

Cost of training

The cost of training for the open course is as follows (school year 2019/2020): 

  • Preparation year: 7100 €[possibility of benefiting from Icam tuition grants]
  • 1st year: 7100 €[possibility of benefiting from Icam tuition grants]
  • 2nd year: 7100 €
  • 3rd year: 7100 €
  • 4th year: 7100 € or 0 € under apprentice status depending on the chosen course
  • 5th year: 7100 € or 0 € under apprentice status depending on the chosen course

Contribution to community life: 550 € per year
Membership of the Icam Alumni association: 500€, valid for life

If you are a state scholarship holder, you are eligible for institutional scholarships.

Through its foundation, Icam offers loans at 0% interest.


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