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The 3 main areas of research at Icam

1 – Energy production, storage and management

Research projects related to this area revolve around the six themes:

  • Electric power conversion
  • Thermal energy conversion
  • Energy storage
  • Smart grid Low Cost
  • Electronic thermal

It includes work on the uses of hydrogen, offshore energy production, hybrid control systems, etc.

This research aims to imagine efficient solutions around sustainable and clean energies, for industrial production, transport, housing or energy distribution.

2 – Innovative structures and materials

Research projects related to this area revolve around 5 themes:

  • Eco-Materials, upgrading and recycling
  • Structures and couplings
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Corrosion and surface treatments
  • Measures and controls

The researchers are working here to design materials with innovative properties: shock resistance, solidity, elasticity… With, always, human and ecological interest in the line of sight.

The “low-tech” dimension is also a preferred track with, for example, the development of composite materials based on renewable natural fibres,in order to cross ecology and remarkable technical properties, opening up new variations in the industry.

3 – Societal and technological transition of companies

Research projects related to this area revolve around three themes:

  • Complex system modelling for Industry
  • Robotics and IoT for Industry
  • Ethics, Technology and Governance (ETG)

The projects aim not only to imagine innovative solutions for the industrial production of tomorrow, but also to bring rich and constructive elements to the place of man in this industry 4.0.