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The research teams are organized according to our research themes.

Energy production, storage and management

Electric power conversion

  • René Aubrée – PhD: Oceanne Maisonnave
  • Sébastien Sanchez – PhD as Davin Guédon – Timothé Mullins
  • Yassine Ariba – PhD as Flavien Deschaux

Thermal energy conversion

  • Jean-François Largeau – PhD: Blaise Fongang – Hiba Aouled Mehmed – Wassim Benhalilou, Youghourta Zerdane
  • Paul Kouteu
  • Sébastien Menanteau – PhD: Ahmadi Alireza

Smart Grid

  • Meriem Nachidi Labourel
  • Gilles Dedeban (PhD)
  • Hiva Shamsborhan
  • PhD: Rémy Vincent

Electronic thermal

Energy storage

  • Jérôme Soto – PhD as Mariam Jadal
  • Denis Edelin – PhD Emmanuel Agyeman

Innovative structures and materials

Eco-Materials, upgrading and recycling

Structures and couplings

Additive manufacturing

Corrosion and surface treatments

Measures and controls

  • Virginie Gaillard – PhD as Antoine Brientin
  • Nicolas Pinel – PhD as Marc Songolo

Societal and technological transition of companies

Complex system modelling for industry

Robotics and IoT for industry

Human science management