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Engineering at Icam

Even though our students at Icam have to go through the basics in almost all engineering fields, specific courses and specific projects are offered to foreign students all year round by our engineering departments : Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Material Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Sciences.

Their  activities focus on teaching and R&D  (over 1000 projects during the five past years) ; teaching, along with lectures, offer many hours of lab work, helping students to have a better understanding of practical and industrial applications.

R&D projects are carried out by teams of 2 students working full time for one semester, and monitored by a teacher/lecturer (30 ECTS credits).

All R&D projects are performed under contract with companies (from small and medium businesses to large companies) ; this also helps our engineering departments to develop strong ties with local industry.

Along with R&D, research is part of departmental activities.