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Train your employees

Icam is able to train employees, in parallel with their missions, thus offering the possibility to increase competence within the company. Employees can thus take the Icam Continuous engineering training,or any other Icam certification or diploma training.


Engineer Icam Continuous

Employees can follow the continuous Icam engineering path, with an adaptable and individualized rhythm. The training lasts two to three years,with a presence at Icam on Friday and Saturday, and personal work on evenings and weekends.

At the end of the training, a 4-month presence at Icam is essential, in order to return to certain technical concepts and fully absorb the values of the school. Following this period, the employees in training carry out an “engineering project”, usually linked to their company.


An openness to a variety of profiles

Traditionally, Icam Continu engineering training is open to holders of a bachelor’s degree in science and/or technology, justifying a minimum of 3 years of professional experience.

However, Icam is committed to studying all applications and is based on both the background and the motivation to retain a candidate. Also, more atypical applications can be accepted,since the school will feel that the profile and know-how are able to enable the employee to succeed in his training project.

The absence of a higher education diploma can also be compensated by validation of professional achievements (VAP) if professional experience warrants it.


The fundamentals of training

The continuous Icam engineering training shares the values of all Icam courses, with the objective of training conscious, free, committed men and women, actors in their lives and careers. It includes:

  • both technical and human teaching (human sciences, ethics, general culture, philosophy), with an important openness to others and substantive work on taking responsibility;
  • rereadings of experience with the “Decision Education”, a specificity of Icam that invites students to develop consciousness and freedom,in a fair relation to the other;
  • a teaching that sharpens, overall, the step back and a good understanding of economic, environmental and societal issues;
  • increased scientific excellence, with numerous research projects carried out on the sites, which contribute to advancing the pedagogy of Icam.


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